What a great day! I attended the Clean Tech Expo at the new City Hall in Surrey, with a friend who is developing a solar roof tile (, to see some new technology, as well as do more networking and start-up learning. Luckily there was a brand new hempcrete product on display!

Just BioFiber Structural Solutions is a Canadian startup that has come out with the first structural hempcrete block in the world. I met the CFO, Michael DeChamplain, and the creator of the block, Mac Radford, who was there showing his design for the first time in a public arena, after years of development work.

There wasn’t too much time to talk with them, as they had probably the busiest booth at the show. I did get their card and said that I would definitely be following up with them. It’s an exciting step forward for the hempcrete industry in Canada, although there is still much work to make this product a commercial reality.

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