Through my interest in sustainable building practices, I started to learn more about the different organizations that are setting the standards for green building around the world. I had taken a LEED introductory course a few years back when I was running a wood flooring company, but it didn’t seem a very complete standard. In the end, I learned that it was better for us to offer a free bike rack with every purchase of wood flooring for a LEED building, as the customer would be guaranteed to get a point for the bike rack, but not necessarily for the wood flooring!

There are more comprehensive building methods now, such as Passiv Haus and Net Zero. One of the more challenging ones is the Living Building Challenge put forth by the International Living Future Institute out of Seattle. I found out about their event through LinkedIn and decided that it would be well worth attending to understand the future of sustainable building.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was held at DUDOC – the Dutch Urban Design Center, which has lots of interesting industrial design which to contemplate – and there were numerous like-minded individuals there to meet and talk to. It was a great introduction to the work of the ILFI and 2 new programs they have just launched. It was also a good place to get some more feedback on the knowledge and interest in hempcrete as a building product – and as usual, there was lots of interest!


Thank you Emelina. We want everyone to know of the benefit of these healthy, durable and protective biocomposite monolithic walls!

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