After a series of attempts at meeting with Hempcrete Natural Builders, I finally managed to meet the owner, Jayeson Hendrysan, on a beautiful summer afternoon over a beer at the Bowen Island Pub.

I had already had a few conversations on the phone with Jayeson, so I knew we had similar ideas on building, but it was great to finally meet someone who had been creating actual buildings. And he has been at it for a while now! His interest in hempcrete started with his own home, and has led to numerous different projects around various points in B.C and Alberta. He has also run a number of hempcrete workshops to train others on how to build with hempcrete and make lasting walls, so has really been a force in the industry getting started.

He seems to be getting ample interest these days and it is getting to be more than he maybe expected. There are a few potential projects on the near horizon, so we talked about how they might be approached and engaged for contract. It seems that the time is ripe for this type of building product, and if we see a new government in Canada with an actual leader at the helm, the industry will really take off.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mat Hallam-Eames from Qmata Technologies, who is essentially Jayeson’s main power and mechanical guy. Mat has tons of ideas of how to make buildings much more energy efficient and self-powered, so that the owners can get them off-grid. This is the future of real Living Buildings.

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